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Rather than agonize over which US-based blogging service may or may not become blocked in China during my stay there, and not wanting to host the content in China, I arrived here: the humble and easy-to-remember Yes, it is hosted in Sweden; this is because it is both a Neutral Country and one where I can put content without having to worry about it - or myself - disappearing. This is good because I'm not one to self-censor when writing. Also, this Swedish interface is entertaining in itself, and I'm all smiles as I write this surrounded by words such as "Hjälp" and "Logga ut."

Things to consider:
  • This blogg should be considered Not Safe For Work in the sense that it may address controversial subjects (religion, politics, sexuality, etc.) in a brazen and colorful manner. NSFW doens't mean this place will automatically become a hive of scum and villainy, either, so relax. For the same reason I have come to love living in foreign countries, by writing here, I'm most interested in challenging preconceived notions - both yours and mine. If you find that you have wandered out beyond your comfort zone, good, I have achieved my objective.
  • Feel free to disagree with the ideas written here, but please don't take personal offense. For those easily offended and angered, realize that you are the only person with the power to choose to react that way. Some people read a comic and choose to laugh, some choose to frown, and some choose to issue a Jihad on the author. Most countries (China claims to be one of them) recognize the value of Freedom of Speech, but as the world continues to open up and we are increasingly exposed to a wider variety of ideas, we must remember that for Freedom of Speech to mean anything, it means protecting the ideas we disagree with, as well.
  • If you know me personally, please respekt my wish to remain anonymous by not linking to this blogg from yours or otherwise associating it with either you or me. Understand that I am not doing this for money or fame, but to conveniently communicate my adventures with anyone who is interested - strangers included. Those strangers don't have to know my name for my thoughts to be meaningful.
  • I will respekt your privacy in full as well.
  • I may not respekt proper English since Swedish is really quite amusing.
  • Comments are disabled to insulate various groups of readers from one another and further preserve privacy; please email me your feedback instead - I will certainly read it.
There you have it! It should be fun for all.


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